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Stagecoach Sal

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Stagecoach Sal

September 1, 2009
Hyperion Books, CH
Ages 4-8
A Junior Library Guild Selection

Sal sure can sing. But she can also catch a fish with her bare hands, ride a wild bronco, and drive a stagecoach.  And she's nobody's fool. When Sal makes her first stagecoach journey alone to deliver the mail for her sick pa, her ma is nervous. But the wild frontier is no match for Sal, and neither is Poetic Pete, the wiliest stagecoach robber in the West.


Amelia Bloomer Project Recommended Titles for 2011

PW Best Children's Book List for 2009 - November 2, 2009

STARRED review - Publishers Weekly, August 10, 2009:

A healthy dose of pioneer sass helps young Stagecoach Sal nab a notorious thief without firing a shot-she takes Poetic Pete ("the most polite bandit in all of California") onto the seat beside her, sings him to sleep and delivers him to jail. Hopkinson's (Home on the Range) winner of a tale is inspired by a historical figure (whose biography is supplied in an afterword), but the story of Sal's all-night singing marathon is Hopkinson's own. Ellis's (The Composer Is Dead) artwork forms an unexpected but effective counterpoint to Hopkinson's rambunctious prose. Delicate watercolors make the spreads light and limpid, and precise brown ink lines keep the doll-like figures of Sal, her parents and the pioneer landscape under firm control, the kind of restraint seen in embroidered samplers. It's a counterweight to Sal's bombast: "Why, I'm a gal who can plug a nickel from as far as I can see it, and shoot out a rattler's rattles if I care to." Loving parents give Sal lots of freedom, and she runs-make that rides-with it; she's a charismatic role model of American pluck. Ages 4-7. (Sept.)

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